Starwish Original Soundtrack

Starwish is a free online game created by xdanond! I composed 16 tracks for this game, and Wohali composed one as well! I hope you enjoy them! :-)

Individual tracks

Here are the individual tracks, in 256kbit MP3 format, and also on Youtube.

TrackTitleComposerMP3 linkYoutube link
01Sky FishWohaliMP3Youtube
02Space FishAuriplaneMP3Youtube
03...And SnailsAuriplaneMP3Youtube
04Guinea PigsAuriplaneMP3Youtube
05In the CafeAuriplaneMP3Youtube
06Under the RadarAuriplaneMP3Youtube
10A Brief RespiteAuriplaneMP3Youtube
11Corridors (unused track)AuriplaneMP3Youtube
12Bleep World (unused track)AuriplaneMP3Youtube
13Zero-Tension LimitAuriplaneMP3Youtube
14Boss Battle ~ FirestormAuriplaneMP3Youtube
15Final Battle ~ IncarnadineAuriplaneMP3Youtube
16The End of All ThingsAuriplaneMP3Youtube
17Ending ~ Main ThemeAuriplaneMP3Youtube

Or download the whole thing!

Here it is! Starwish Original

Oh, and here's a Youtube playlist!

Listen to the entire Starwish Soundtrack on Youtube!

Don't forget to play the game!

You can play Starwish for free online at Kongregate! Xdanond worked on this game for over a year, and although I'm proud of contributing the music, he did all of the design, art, writing, and programming, among other things, so he basically made the whole game by himself! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the game and the music too :-D