Snailiad Original Soundtrack

Hey, everyone! I made a game called Snailiad!! The music is all 8-bit NES music, written with a program called Famitracker. I hope you enjoy it!! :-)

Oh, and make sure to play the game, too!!

Individual tracks

Here are the individual tracks, in MP3 format, NSF format, and also on Youtube.

TrackTitleMP3 linkNSF linkYoutube link
01 Introduction MP3 NSF Youtube
02 Snail Town MP3 NSF Youtube
03 Area 1 - Mare Carelia MP3 NSF Youtube
04 Area 2 - Spiralis Silere MP3 NSF Youtube
05 Area 3 - Amastrida Abyssus MP3 NSF Youtube
06 Area 4 - Lux Lirata MP3 NSF Youtube
07 Iris MP3 NSF Youtube
08 Boss Battle MP3 NSF Youtube
09 Moon Snail MP3 NSF Youtube
10 A Very Snaily Ending MP3 NSF (Part 1)
NSF (Part 2)

The complete soundtrack!

Download the MP3s: Snailiad Original Soundtrack (MP3 format, zipped)
Or grab the NSF files: Snailiad Original Soundtrack (NSF format, zipped)
Or listen on Youtube: Complete playlist